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The Web engineer's online toolbox

18 Nov 2012

I wanted to compile a list of online, Web-based tools that Web engineers can use for their work in development, testing, debugging and documentation. The requirements for a tool to make the list are:

The current version of the list is shown below and is based on tools which I use or have used. Two of my personal favorites are RequestBin and Hurl (https://github.com/defunkt/hurl) which I use regularly for almost every project. A few of the tools I haven’t used in real projects but just played with them and thought they were really cool.

Since I’ve probably forgotten some excellent tools, and because new tools will be made in the future - the list will be a “live list”, updated as the set of available tools changes. I didn’t categorize the tools in the list since many tools may be used in many phases of software development.

Want to suggest a new tool or help me write better short descriptions of the tools? Add a comment below or make a pull request.

The Web engineer’s online toolbox (last edited on July 21 2013)